Bid Pack 6B – Decked Parkings, Shelters and Ancillary Buildings Works (East)
November 28, 2017

Bid Pack 5C - Continuation of URR (University Ring Road) around Medical Campus, Bridges and other infrastructure works along the URR on the west side

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Mohammed Abdulmohsin Al-Kharafi & Sons


Canadian Consortium Architects in association with SSH International Engineering Consultants w.l.l.

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Bid Pack 5 C - Continuation of URR (University Ring Road) around Medical Campus, Bridges and other infrastructure works along the URR on the west side. BP-5C is the final Infrastructure works package that includes the following works:

• University Ring Road (URR) continuation from Main Campus to Medical Campus
• Road works including retaining walls, underpass, elevated roundabout, junctions, bridges and other connections such that the SSUC campus is connected to main arterial roads.
• Streetscape including street lights and street landscape along the URR and other street infrastructure.
• Road and surface drainage, pedestrian walk ways, other road safety works.
• Attenuation Tank and Irrigation Tank as part of infra works.
• C3 and C4 Public Shelters in Medical Campus area.
• Campus Wide Signage and Way finding.
• Utility Tunnel Link from Main Campus to Medical Campus under University Avenue road.
• Landscape works for allocated parcels.
• Fire Station Building.
• Electrical Sub stations
1) Location:

Location: The BP 5C Package works are located to the West side of University Avenue, essentially continuing the works from BP 5A & B.

2) General:

Bid Pack 5C scope of work comprises the construction, completion, commissioning, handover and maintenance of remainder of infrastructure services (roads, landscape and utilities) on SSUC project.


The scope includes the construction of a road network joining the BP5A&B University Ring Road (URR), an elevated round about at Junction A, an underpass and over bridge at University Avenue crossing and bridges and roundabout at Junction D. These include slipways and ramps as part of the road network, including pedestrian crossing, traffic controls, signage, landscape and lighting.

Site Utilities:

The BP5C works include storm water network and run-off along the University Ring Road and their connections to the mains. The infrastructure also includes an attenuation tank, sanitary network, irrigation network with irrigation tank so that the URR utilities are completed.

Landscape works:

The work scope includes designed landscape woks along the URR as well as landscape works at all junctions and roundabouts. Paving, hard landscape at junctions is designed to continue the visual sequence from the Main campus works.

C3 and C4 Shelters:

These two underground shelters are located in the Medical Campus area; these are typical shelters similar the ones on the Main campus.

Campus Wide Signage and Way finding:

Signage and Way finding works for the entire SSUC campus are part of BP5C works; the Consultant have provided a strategic design documentation for signage, a specialist will be engaged as part of the Contractor’s work during execution.

Utility Tunnel Link:

The Utility Tunnel loops connecting Central Utility Plants (CUPs) on Main campus are provided with a link to the Medical campus area. This link is called Utility Tunnel Link (UTL), which provides continuity to underground tunnel network linking all CUPs on the SSUC Campus. This link runs below the University Avenue.

Fire Station Building:

Fire Station building is last of the three central services; the other two being Life Safety building and Security building, that are already in construction. Fire Station building is designed to the requirements of Kuwait Fire Brigade with centralized fire panels that will link to all facilities on SSUC.

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