College of Architecture & College of Computer and Engineering Sciences
September 27, 2017
Academic Support Facilities (ACSF)
November 22, 2017

Health Sciences Center Campus

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Design Agreement with the Consultant was signed and notice to proceed was issued for Commencement of Design works effective 15-Nov-2018.


Consortium of the below mentioned consultants:
- Perkins Eastman Architects (PEC)
- Ennead Architects LLP
- Arup USA, INC
- Ted Jacob Engineering Group
- Dar Al Jazeera Consultants

Health Science Campus (HSC) is located on the West side of the Main Campus. It is an integral part of the Sabah Al-Salem University City but functionally it is an independent self-supporting entity. HSC includes five medical colleges, research laboratories, research center, teaching hospital and clinics, medical support facilities, hospital staff housing, along with other academic, administrative and services support facilities. It has its own Central Utility Plant (CUP) with utility distribution tunnels to supply utilities to all the buildings and the facilities in the HSC. The utility Tunnels of HSC and Main Campus are to be interconnected to ensure efficient distribution of utilities to all buildings within the University City.

The Health Science Campus Project contains three Design Packages:
Design Package I; Master Plan, Infrastructure and Integration, Other Support Facilities

• Master Planning, Infrastructure, ICT and Integration, Unification, Landscape works, Roads
• Electric Substations M3, M6
• Electric Substations M3, M6
• Recreational Center (West)
• Biohazard Waste Management

• General / Ground Maintenance
• Central Utility Plant (CUP 4)
• Furniture and Housing Store
• Workshop, Staff and Security Facilities
• Surface and Deck Parking, Service Plots

Design Package II; Colleges and Other Support Facilities

• College of Public Health
• Training Centers
• College of Pharmacy
• College of Dentistry
• College of Allied Health

• College of Medicine
• Student Centers
• Health Science Centers
• Prayer Center
• Faculty Club 3

Design Package III; Hospital and Other Support Facilities

• University Hospital (690 Beds capacity)
• Research Center
• Hospital Staff Housing
• Out Patient Housing

• Surface/Deck Parking
• Support facilities
• Mosque

"One of the largest educational campuses in the world."