Sabah Al-Salem University city launches a project to train independent engineers

The Kuwait University Construction Program has launched a training project to host newly graduated Kuwaiti engineers who are not affiliated with any governmental or private institutions […]

The University is reviewing the design of the infrastructural information network infrastructure

The University of Kuwait organized the presentation of the proposed design of the Information and Communication Network Infrastructure Project in Sabah Al-Salem University, in the presence […]

Experimental lecture for students of the Department of Mathematics in Shadadia

Dr. Abdullah Al-Shammari, a faculty member at the Faculty of Science at the Department of Mathematics, presented an experimental lecture for his students in one of […]

Kuwait Oil Engineers visited the University of Sabah Al-Salem University

A delegation of KOC engineers visited the Sabah Al-Salem University campus on Sunday 6 May 2018. The delegation was received by the Director of the Structural […]