Kuwait Oil Engineers visited the University of Sabah Al-Salem University
May 6, 2018
The University is reviewing the design of the infrastructural information network infrastructure
May 27, 2018

Experimental lecture for students of the Department of Mathematics in Shadadia


Dr. Abdullah Al-Shammari, a faculty member at the Faculty of Science at the Department of Mathematics, presented an experimental lecture for his students in one of the classrooms in the campus of the Faculty of Science in Al-Shadadiya to meet the students of modern technology and the dream of moving to their new project. On the morning of Monday 8 May 2018.

In this context, Abdullah Al-Shammari that the purpose of visiting the campus of the Faculty of Science in the new city of Sabah Al-Salem University is to identify his educational and research laboratories and astronomical observatory as well as the organization of a lecture in one of the classrooms to explain the last part of the scientific course of biological mathematics, where he confirmed the presence of about 21 of the elite students And female students to experience the experience of study in the new campus and to identify the modern technological capabilities available within the classroom and benefit from them.

He described d. Shammari The students’ impression that they are very happy with the design and establishment of the campus of the Faculty of Sciences to be a “smart college” with integrated technological systems and keeping pace with the digital world. He added that all students were impressed and proud of the standards and standards of design as well as achievement and furnishing methods and possibilities of technological systems available in the classrooms, For the new campus to study in these halls as soon as possible.

Dr. Al-Shammari to the lecture halls in the building of the Faculty of Science in the new project of the city of Sabah Al-Salem University that it allows networking and interaction with the world through the broadcast and receive lectures, which expands the scope and keep abreast of all the latest science and research around the world, Such as smart panels and direct-dial cameras with displays and their ability to save visual and audio material.

And through d. Shammari expressed their great optimism after the experimental lecture and the field tour with the level of achievement made by the University of Sabah Al-Salem University. He added that it is an “advanced educational and research edifice” in the State of Kuwait and said that the students’ comments were very positive as they were impressed by the size of the project and the diversity of its facilities Internal and external, in addition to their great optimism in the percentage of achievement in the Faculty of Science and its technological capabilities and research labs such as mathematical computing laboratories and financial and actuarial mathematics research laboratories, as well as there was special recognition of the students of the stages of Eng G astronomical observatory project, which they wished to run as soon as to be able to use the experience before they graduate.