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April 15, 2018
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May 8, 2018

Kuwait Oil Engineers visited the University of Sabah Al-Salem University


A delegation of KOC engineers visited the Sabah Al-Salem University campus on Sunday 6 May 2018. The delegation was received by the Director of the Structural Program at Kuwait University Dr. Qutaiba Abdul Razzaq Razouki. The visit comes in order to train new engineers from the newly appointed to the latest engineering and construction of the project.

In this context, the Director of the Department of Support Services of the Kuwait Oil Company Acting. Mohammed Al-Ghuraibah said that the aim of cooperation with the Department of the construction program based on the project of the city of Sabah Al-Salem University is to give the new engineers more opportunities in field training on the ground and the latest technology used on the new campus and also to gain sufficient experience of the largest project in the State of Kuwait.

During the visit, a visual presentation was presented to the delegation about the components and size of the Sabah Al-Salem University University project. The visual presentation was aimed at clarifying the technical engineering aspects in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering which reflect some aspects of the visiting delegation’s specialties. The service tunnel and the Faculty of Science project.

During the tour, the delegation reviewed the experience of the construction program in awarding contracts for the furnishing of government facilities, which is an important experience that contributes to improving the quality of educational and office furniture, as well as creating honest competition among companies competing in this type of contract, And the challenges faced by the working teams in the project of the city of Sabah Al-Salem University, and how to benefit from the experiences that work on the completion of the project and as a training environment for all departments and governmental institutions and institutions that seek to train their staff in proportion to the nature her job .