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March 21, 2018
Trial Lectures in SSUC for KU Students
April 4, 2018

Student Affairs Deanship Visits Sabah Al-Salem University City


On Thursday, March 22, 2018 and with the participation of Dr. Ali Al-Nami, Student Affairs Dean; Dr. Thaqal Al-Ajmi, Student Affairs Asst. Dean; managers, supervisors; and Heads of Departments, Student Affairs Deanship made a visit to Sabah Al-Salem University City project in co-ordination with Kuwait University Construction Program, to see the current status of the related buildings.


This delegation was received by both Dr. Qutaiba Razouqi, Kuwait University Construction Program Director, and Dr. Anwar Al-Ebrahim, Kuwait University Construction Program Asst.  Director. After the presentation presented by the Project Manager (Turner Projacs), the party made a field visit to the university campus buildings, and viewed the completed buildings in the new university campus as well as of the details related to the students’ affairs deanship buildings, plus how the students, faculty members and staff can benefit from the services available in the new university city.  


In this context, Dr. Ali Al-Nami, Student Affairs Dean said that he is very proud of this mega-project, and thanked those responsible for the project, hoping it will be completed very soon so that the students, staff and faculty members can get the benefit of the facilities. The party also appreciated the facilities provided for students with special needs. Final, he wished every success to those responsible for this mega-project.