Student Affairs Deanship Visits Sabah Al-Salem University City
March 22, 2018
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April 15, 2018

Trial Lectures in SSUC for KU Students


By the initiation of a group of faculty members, a series of trial lectures was organized for KU students at SSUC. Both Dr. Iman Al-Otaibi and Dr. Khawla Al-Shaiji from College of Engineering & Petroleum and their students visited the new university campus on Wednesday April 04, 2018. They presented trial lectures for their students in the college’s new buildings, which are near to completion.


In this context, Dr. Khawla Al-Shaiji stated that they organized a lecture in the lecture hall of College of Science in SSUC for almost 58 students who are studying heat transfer in the Department of Chemical Engineering. She added that “the students were impressed by the new university campus facilities and that they hoped they will get the opportunity to move to study and graduate from SSUC”.


“I represent the Department of Chemical Engineering committee for relocating to SSUC campus, so I am aware of the design and components of the departments’ labs at the new buildings of College of Engineering & Petroleum at Shadadiya. Looking forward to their completion, I was eager to share the details of those near completed designs, technology facilities and spaces by presenting a lecture inside” Dr. Al-Shaiji pointed out. She also praised the technology facilities being used in the lecture halls of the new university campus, including smart boards, and the selection of furniture design.


Dr. Al-Shaiji expressed her optimism towards the completion of the college buildings and SSUC facilities. The same was reflected through the students’ positive comments and optimism they received during this field visit and trial lectures.


Dr. Al-Shaiji urged her colleagues of KU faculty to organize more trial lectures and field visits to SSUC site, as such visits will give the opportunity to KU students who will be graduating shortly, therefore missing studying at the new university campus, the experience to study at this advanced educational institute. She praised KUCP for their organization of the visit and warm reception.


Similarly, Dr. Iman Al-Otaibi, after the trial lectures, praised this field visit to College of Engineering & Petroleum, as it was great experience for her, including viewing the architectural features and landscape which fulfill all the academic and recreational requirements of the students and the university staff. She said: “now we are eager to move to study at these magnificent buildings to continue KU message through providing the internationally best advanced curriculums and improving the education level”.


Dr. Otaibi emphasized: “this step was initiated by the Dr. Anwar Al-Ebrahim, KUCP Asst. Director, who was the first to arrange lectures for her students in the new university campus. The main purpose of these trial lectures given in SSUC College of Business is to provide presentations for groups of students studying networks in the Department of Computer Engineering; such presentations were the outcome of specific academic research in the field related to the subject”.